Minor Football League (MFL) Headquarters

1300 I Street NW 
Suite 400 E 
Washington, DC 20005 

Tel. 240.551.8031


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The Minor Football League (MFL) provides an opportunity you don't find outside of collegiate football. The MFL provides a second chance to play professional football. As Chairman/CEO/Founder Richard Myles Sr. says, "It's not that you're not good enough. It's just not enough room."  The MFL is a 21st-century model and beyond. The MFL has changed the game of football on and off the field by taking players from the field to the front office. The MFL also provides coaching opportunities for former players as well as gateways to MFL team ownership. All 32 MFL franchises adhere to the highest standard of excellence and ensure each player takes part in community outreach.The MFL provides integrity, commitment and excellence in all that we do.