Minor Football League (MFL) Headquarters

1300 I Street NW 
Suite 400 E 
Washington, DC 20005 

Tel. 240.551.8031


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2020 Player Registration Now Open


The Minor Football League announced player registration is now open for the 2020 season. This registration is open for all players who will be playing for franchises located within the USA. Register now to begin recieving important combine and tryout information. 


The following franchises will be playing in the 2020 season in the American league.

  • South Carolina Outlaws

  • Nebraska Rams

  • New Jersey Raiders

  • Arkansas 49ers

  • Virginia Chargers

  • Florida Bears

  • Maryland Colts

  • Tennessee Patriots

  • North Carolina Oilers

  • New Mexico Saints

  • Georgia Warriors

  • Michigan Steelers

  • Kansas Cowboys

  • Washington Chiefs

  • Ohio Cardinals

  • Colorado Packers









Begin registration here:

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