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MFL GMs Gather for Historic Contract signing

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The road to kickoff the 2018 Minor Football League season, hit another major milestone today as today, the MFL GM Signing took place on April 10th, 2018 inside the D.C. Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment.


The event started with an address by dignitaries of the OCTFME, including director Angie Gates, who announced that DKN Sports would be the official home for MFL Media Content, including "Inside The MFL", which will become the official television show of the MFL. This will be the second program produced from the (OCTFME), as the "Inside the MFL" Sports Talk Radio show airs on Saturday morning at 11:00 AM ET on DC Radio. 


Afterwards, event kicked off, first with addresses by the CEO/Chairman and Founder of the MFL, Richard Myles Sr., who introduced the host of the event, whom was none other than DKN Sports very own, Kelsey Nicole Nelson, VP of Media for the MFL and host of the television and radio shows. Kelsey then introduced, MFL


Chief Strategy Officer Melvin Forbes, whose impressive resume includes working for three U.S. Presidents and as the chairman of the US Army Advisory Board, which advances the mission of to improve military process and programs, and Senior Vice President of Business Development, Mr. David Garnett. Garnett is the Founder of iAM Solutions, LLC, which focuses on developing Small Businesses as well as Institutions of Higher learning.


“Our focus is on cognitive diversity…we leverage the fact that we think differently, that’s why we have women in the room…because we look at problems through different eyes.” Mr. Garnett said to the GM’s. He impressed upon them the need for a vision to have a positive impact on the league’s players as well as their communities. Mr. Garnett also announced the ticket policy for the MFL, as one $100 dollar ticket will get a family of four into all five regular season home games, making it an affordable entertainment option for families looking for affordable activities this summer.


After the speeches, the GMs introduced themselves to the crowd and each other. The MFL sports a diverse GM group of former players and coaches in various levels of football. The MFL also officially welcomed in two female GMs: Casandra G. Beverly (Louisiana Lions) and Marlena Wright (Mississippi Panthers.)


“This is very monumental to me…. My vision is to bring back Baton Rouge” Beverly said, underlying the theme of business development, using the MFL as a tool to stimulate the growth of Business in the cities they inhabit. “We want to help guys…give some of them a second chance” Echoed Andy Slagle, GM of the North Carolina Oilers. “We want to build something for Utah other than BYU and BYU Football,” added Utah Browns GM Jon Prince.  There was also, of a healthy amount of (friendly) trash talk between GMs, with bragging rights on the line for the first team to hoist the MFL championship at the end of the summer. 


Following the GM introduction, VP of Football Operations and former Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot outlined the divisional breakdown for the future. The league intends to expand to eight divisions with four teams each, emphasizing regional rivalries. An extra sharp eye should keep the Mid Atlantic division in mind, as teams from Washington, Baltimore, Delaware, and New Jersey will play one another for Supremacy in the backyard of the MFL head offices in Washington D.C.

The event concluded with a photograph session followed by a closed-door meeting between the General Managers and league executives.  


A number of distinguished guests were in attendance at today’s GM signing including Missy Echeverria, CEO of ProAthletes Concierge Service, LLC. Her agency specializes in managing the Personal Care, travel, real estate, and career related needs of Athletes and Celebrities. Neuro-Kinetics CEO J. Howison Schroeder was also on hand to give attendees a demonstration of the I Portable Assessment System (I-PAS), which uses eye tracking technology to scan for the evidence of a concussion in a patient.




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